Super Soft Premium Quality Men's Disposable Cotton Briefs (5 Pack)

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one-wear men's white cotton disposable briefs available in Small, Medium, Large XLarge and XXLarge
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Buy one-wear men's white cotton disposable briefs from

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✅ PREMIUM QUALITY soft stretchy cotton ensures a great feel and flexible fit. The lightweight breathable construction of the briefs gives great all-day comfort and means they are ideal Travel and Hospital undergarments. No psychedelic colours, just a time-less classic white design that you can rely upon and not paper pants either. INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED and so small and compact each pair of briefs can fit discreetly and hygienically in your bag or pocket.

✅ HOSPITAL and EMERGENCY PANTS. Pack One-Wear disposable pants in your hospital bag for long and short hospital stays. No need to worry about washing your briefs, y-fronts or boxer shorts when having surgery, recovering from an operation or procedure. They are also very popular with people going on retreats or attending clinics. One-Wear is non-absorbent and is not incontinence underwear although it can be worn with a pad.

✅ TRAVEL BRIEFS. One-Wear briefs are a space-saver on holiday as they are so light and compact and can be thrown away after wearing. Put a pair in your hand luggage in case of lost baggage. When backpacking on hiking or camping vacations One-Wear briefs mean you can wear a clean pair of briefs each day without the need for a washing machine or turning pants inside out. One-Wear won't take much space in your duffel bag on short weekend city breaks away so put them on your checklist.

✅ STOCK UP YOUR BASICS with a 5-pack of briefs so that you are ready for your next great adventure. One-Wear disposable briefs have so many uses from short-breaks to holiday travels. From spas and massages to body treatments and spray tanning at the salon. From gym spares to emergency underwear. From sailing and beach vacations to overnight stays, sleepovers and business trips. From disposable clothing for workers handling hazardous chemicals and substances like asbestos to prison wear.

One-Wear Disposable Underwear is ideal for:


When it comes to holidays and travelling it is not always possible to wash your underwear so disposable cotton briefs are a great option. Disposable underwear also has the added benefit that it is individually wrapped so that it can be more easily packed and if space becomes a precious commodity used underwear away can be thrown away.


Nobody wants to spend time in hospital and one of the last things you want to be worrying about is how to keep your underwear clean so disposable briefs make a great choice as you have one less thing to worry about. When you return you won't have a pile of dirty briefs or boxers waiting to be washed.


Disposable briefs are a great solution when an emergency arises. If you have an unpredictable work schedule and have to be available to relocate at a moments notice cotton disposable briefs should be an essential part of your emergency kit bag.

Dad's Childbirth Hospital Bag

When it comes to the birth of a new child everyone thinks about mother's hospital bag but so often father's hospital bag is overlooked. Dad's often find themselves staying overnight in hospital so dad's hospital bag should be sitting alongside mum's, packed with disposable cotton briefs. We have put together a Dad's Childbirth Hospital Bag Checklist.

Industrial Wear

Certain industrial processes require the provision of disposable clothing which is single-use and is disposed of afterwards. Comfortable cotton disposable briefs should be used alongside the disposable outerclothing so that the workers don't get distracted by uncomfortable underwear.

Shift-workers in remote locations working long hours should take advantage of the comfort and convenience of cotton disposable underwear as the last thing they want to be doing is washing underwear when off-duty. The same goes for soldiers.